Cooking with Tess: Italian Egg Drop Soup

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Cooking with Tess: Italian Egg Drop Soup

Our last e-newsletter talked about the bi-coastal cooking lessons I would be giving my friend and goddaughter Tess, who lives in Oakland, California. Tess had her first lesson recently and here’s what we covered:

  • Knife skills
  • Sweating Vegetables
  • Let’s Talk about Oil and Vinegar
  • Recipes:
    • Italian Egg Drop Soup
    •  Straciatella
    • Salad with vinaigrette

As the pictures indicate, Tess learned her lessons well. But I will let her tell you how things went as she created Italian Egg Drop Soup for her husband and neighbors.

Italian Egg Drop Soup

It turned out to be another packed weekend, and I wasn’t sure there would be time to cook. Sunday, however, turned out to be the perfect day for a light, warming soup, as it was in the mid- 60’s and cloudy with a light breeze.

egg drop soupI bought parsley from the farmers market, fresh parmesan cheese, flour, eggs, nutmeg and chicken stock. The ingredients for this soup were basic and easy to get fresh at the market or store. I used my newly sharpened knife because the parsley needed to be cut very fine. The trickiest part of the recipe is whisking the blended ingredients into the boiling broth, which took a little coordination. The mixture immediately started to thicken when I poured it into the hot broth.

All together, it took about 20 minutes to make, including prep and serving time. For my husband and me, it was a perfect snack on a busy Sunday. We even had enough so that our neighbors could join us.

The soup turned out to be delicious-light and warming, with a delicate flavor. The parmesan garnish was a wonderful touch. Next time, I think I will make it along with a chicken dish and serve with bread and white wine.

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