Cooking Instruction

Home Star Cuisine can help you make your culinary dreams come true with specialized, in-home cooking classes. You let me know what you would like to learn and we will create a class to help you master the skills you need. This is perfect for the solo cook as well as a group of friends, a book club, or any social group.  And don’t forget to check out my Interactive Dinner Parties for another great way to experience some culinary training in a fun and relaxed setting.

In-Home Cooking Lessons


Explore the cuisines of other countries or learn to make delicious and nutritious entrees with local, seasonal foods that you’ve found at the Farmer’s Market. Learn to cook light, healthy foods that your whole family will love but that won’t break the bank or expand your waistline. Bake pies, cakes and pastries that your family won’t believe are homemade. Master a complicated recipe that you always wanted to try but weren’t confident enough to tackle. Learn to cook once and eat twice.

In addition, there are many skills used in a professional kitchen that the home chef would benefit from developing, such as knife skills, basic sauce making, even training in what to look for when buying meats, fish, and produce. Learn to read recipes and know exactly what terms like “saute,” “braise,” and “small dice” mean. Learn how to use a quick-read thermometer to properly test meats and poultry for doneness. These and many other skills can bring you more confidence, command, and enjoyment in the kitchen.

Customized service, prices will vary.


If you know the basics of cooking but feel overwhelmed getting organized, have trouble deciding what to make other than the five or six basic meals you’re comfortable with or can’t find the time to come up with a plan for meals that really works for you, consider a coaching session. Coaching consists of an initial interview where I will learn about your likes and dislikes, your eating and shopping habits, and your comfort level with cooking. Building on your skills, I will then design a month of menus for you along with recipes, shopping lists, and tips for getting your meals prepared in the midst of your busy days. This will involve 2 visits – the first consultation followed by a one-on-one session in your kitchen to review the suggested plan and answer any questions you might have.

Customized service, prices will vary.


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