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Deb stirring

My greatest joy in life comes from feeding people. I strive to make delicious, life-enhancing, spirit-sustaining food, and look forward to sharing my experience, talent, and enthusiasm with you.

I have been cooking since my teens, professionally for over twenty years, and I studied at the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY.  My first food memories are of my paternal grandmother’s hand-made ravioli and my grandfather’s Spanish tortilla. I grew up in a family of accomplished gardeners, bakers, and cooks (my maternal grandmother was a pastry chef in a hotel in Montpelier, VT).  I attribute my spirit of culinary adventure to my mother’s confidence in the kitchen.  My very first solo attempt at cooking dinner for my family began with coq au vin and ended with homemade eclairs. Since then I’ve studied with and drawn inspiration from masters of some of the world’s great cuisines.

My professional experience has included restaurant work as well as catering for large and small events. I’ve worked as a private chef for the Jesuit community at Boston College and in various Jesuit residences in the Boston area. I’ve also provided dining services for university faculty and staff. I’ve been a baker, creating a variety of breads, pies, cakes, cookies, and pastries and I’ve been the chef/manager of a retreat house on Boston’s South Shore, planning, organizing, and executing all phases of food service for groups from 5 to 50, including for internationally known leaders in the field of religion and spirituality.

My professional and personal life is deeply informed by my studies with my Native American teacher, Ohki Simine Forest (www.ohkisimineforest.com).  Through her, I have been given the priviledge to serve on the Board of Red Wind Councils (www.redwindcouncils.org), a non-profit organization which works with the indigenous Maya people of Chiapas, Mexico. Its stated mission is to “foster spiritual consciousness & a restoration of social justice through awakening into the promised return of ancient indigenous Council ways.”   The sacredness and centrality of food to the Maya, as evidenced in their own self-description as “the people of corn,” touches me and inspires me to bring that awareness into my work as Chef and Owner of Home Star Cuisine, LLC.

Currently I’m drawing culinary inspiration from the bounty of local farmers markets.  I love connecting with the people who actually grow our food, and to all the growing group of people who are passionate about bringing fresh, local, sustainably produced food to our tables.  It is a deeply satisfying way that we can deepen our connection with this beautiful planet we call home.

Deborah Fernandez
Chef and Proprietor

(401) 484-8535


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